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I am making a bed headboard which requires multiple mortise and tenon joints on different wood thicknesses. I am routing my mortises and seeing the stop line that was laid out for the mortise was challenging at times. I wanted a stop block that would be easy to use and would be versatile enough to use on all the various thicknesses.

I used some scrap maple from the headboard and drilled a hole in the top piece, then cut a slot with a scroll saw. I lined up the stationary vertical piece with the edge of the top piece and countersunk two screws. I then drilled a pilot hole in the movable vertical piece, placed a round head screw with a washer through the slot and screwed it into the pilot hole loosely enough that the piece could move freely.

I also placed adhesive backed sandpaper on the inside of each vertical piece to help hold it in place with a quick clamp.

Bill Giesy

Kissimmee, Florida


adjustable router stop block

Adjustable router stop block.

adjustable router stop block

Adjustable router stop block.

This article appeared in the August 2018 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine.

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