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It’s not every day that a group of woodworkers with this much experience start a podcast. Ben, Ramon, and Philip are all professional woodworkers from different parts of the country, but they bring incredible knowledge to the table. You can check out their podcast in iTunes. I sent them a couple of questions to help you all get to know them better. Enjoy!
– David Lyell
Tell us about who’s on the podcast
Our new podcast that we’re calling Woodworkers Podcast consists of Ramon Valdez, Phillip Morley and myself, Ben Brunick. All three of us make our living doing Woodworking in one form or another.
Phil operates Phillip Morley Furniture out of Wimberley Texas but originally hails from the UK where he began his Woodworking career by being trained as a joiner in trade school beginning at the age 15.
Ramon has Ramon Valdez Fine Furniture out of Bloomfield New Mexico. His Woodworking career began in the mid-1980’s and has encompassed everything from commercial casework to the fine craft
of marquetry and inlay.
Myself (Ben Brunick), I’m from Yankton South Dakota where I have Chalkstone Woodworking. I’ve been doing Woodworking for a living since 1999. My work as of late has been mostly architectural preservation and millwork and whatever else will keep the lights on.
Why did you start a podcast?

The main reason for starting the podcast is because we thought it would be fun. The three of us have gotten to know each through the work that we have shared on Instagram and we thought it would be great to get together and talk shop. The podcast gives us the perfect excuse to do just that.

What kind of content can the listener expect?

Content wise it’s going to be about Woodworking. I can’t tell you how much fun it is to get to talk to a couple people that are into Woodworking every bit as much as I am. Most of my conversations about Woodworking tend to end with glazed over stares and awkward silence. I usually try not to subject innocent bystanders to them.

Anything else you’d like to add…?

About the only other thing that I have to add is how much we appreciate all the support everyone has been giving us about the podcast. It’s super cool to know that people are listening and finding it of interest. We’re looking forward to doing more.

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