Vertical Drilling Jig

I came up with this slick way to drill a large, straight hole in the end of a post. It works great and makes good use of my tall floor-mounted drill press. To make the jig, I first swung my …

Introducing the Daxophone

Hey! My name is Daniel, and this is the first of three posts about the daxophone, a very special and strange musical instrument that not many people know about outside communities of experimental [...]

Tablesaw Picture Frame

Safely make shaper-quality molding on your tablesaw without fancy jigs. By Eric Smith and Richard Tendick This how-to story has a picture-perfect ending. In fact, you might want to round up some [...]

Podcast Spotlight: Woodworkers Podcast

It’s not every day that a group of woodworkers with this much experience start a podcast. Ben, Ramon, and Philip are all professional woodworkers from different parts of the country, but [...]

Keyed Miter Joint Table Saw Jig

This shop-made table saw jig makes quick work of reinforcing miter joints. By Matthew Teague I love the clean look of a mitered box that has continuous grain wrapping around the corners. It’s an [...]

Tablesaw Box Joints

Tablesaw Box Joints A shop-made jig with micro-adjust guarantees perfect joints. By Tim Johnson Box joints are the savvy woodworker’s alternative to dovetails. Strong, great-looking and quickly [...]

Drill Accurate Holes Without Blue Tape

For many years I’ve wished for a better way to drill holes to an accurate depth without putting blue tape on the bit. The tape slips. Always. And then disaster ensues. I’ve tried all manner of [...]

How to Make Back Painted Glass

Back painted glass first came to my attention in 2007, when architect Christine Matheu used it as the backsplash material for her kitchen. It was clean, luminous, and contemporary, and I was in [...]

A Return to Whitewater Shaker Village

Most visitors to the Cincinnati area have heard about the Pleasant Hill Shaker community (currently under renovation) or perhaps South Union. But few know about Whitewater, which is less than 30 [...]

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