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In my family we have a saying, “German humor is no laughing matter.”

The things that I find hilarious often evoke much eye-rolling around the family dinner table from both the children and my spouse. (Like she should talk. The most hilarious thing in my wife’s pantheon of humor is a dog behind the wheel of an automobile.)

So when I point you to Jeff Skiver’s blog, I want to warn you first. While I almost soiled myself as I read about his alleged deeds heading up a Weebelo troop, you might just shake your head as you clear the cache and history of your Internet browser.

Skiver wrote a column for the back page of Popular Woodworking‘s December 2007 issue, and if I had my way, he would own that real estate in our magazine. He’s a funny guy, especially for someone in the automotive business, which is generally not fertile ground for anything hilarious (save the AMC Pacer and the Gremlin).

So with that caveat, I encourage you to add the blog “Skiving Off” to your list of woodworking blogs. And do post some comments on his blog so that he feels suitably adored.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Ron

    There is nothing hilarious about a Pacer or a Gremlin. Seriously deranged vehicles.

  • James Watriss

    I don’t know if it’s German humor, or just a variant of engineering humor. Between myself and my roommate, who’s an electrical engineer, we’ve come up with a compendium of hilarity that has almost (but not quite) resulted in one or both of us being killed and butchered on the spot by our wimmin-folk. he’s still in the doghouse after suggesting that he could rent his now-fiancee out to finance their engagement ring.

    Or just sell her outright… he thought that might be more profitable, and could buy a better ring.

    Could be a woodworker thing, too… Back in my Woodcraft days (long since retreated into the dark and clammy mists of last July) I worked with a guy named Tony, who did built in work, and built a lot of decks. Apparently it was a toss up on a daily basis as to which one of us would hold the title of "the dark humor guy."

    At least some of the customers appreciated our sense of humor. And restraining orders don’t last forever.


    (No, really, they do expire.)

    (They do expire, don’t they?)

  • Lucy May

    Hey! Traffic is up 10 percent today because of Jeff’s mom visiting this blog. Hello Mrs. Skiver!


  • The Village Carpenter

    Jeff’s a funny guy! I’ll be sure to add him to my must-read list of blogsites.

  • James Mittlefehldt

    Sort of reminds me of the movie The Assination Bureau, when a character nadeqe a flippant remark about killing someone, the Russian said sternly, And I paraphrase, To a Russian death is no laughing matter, pause as the other guy stares at him for second and the Russian adds, of course life is no joke either.


  • Mattias in Durham, NC

    Thanks for the tip – that looks like a worthwhile blog

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