Jigsaw Blades to Circle the Earth

In 1947, an employee of Bosch Power Tools and Accessories invented the Jigsaw by replacing a needle in his wife’s sewing machine with a makeshift saw blade. The rest, as they say, is [...]

Two-year-old clock

Over the Thanksgiving holiday I, as many of you did, had friends in town. My visitor, John, didn’t come in for the food though; he came for woodworking. F&W Publications graciously gave [...]

Dovetail Update — Half-blind

A few months back, Senior Editor Glen D. Huey taught me his “no fail” method for cutting through dovetails, and, following Editor Chris Schwarz’s advice, I cut one set a day for [...]

New Woodworking Blog: Skiving Off

In my family we have a saying, “German humor is no laughing matter.” The things that I find hilarious often evoke much eye-rolling around the family dinner table from both the [...]

First Review of "Workbenches" Book

When the first copy of “Workbenches: From Design & Theory to Construction and Use” arrived on my desk from China via airmail, I couldn’t stand to even look at it. I stuck it [...]

Videos Finally Online

Thank you for your patience. I should have had the videos for the December 2007 issue and the 21st-Century Shaker Workbench article up and running last week. I am a bit late. You may have read [...]

The Karl Holtey of Wooden Planemakers

Whenever I’m in the presence of a piece of furniture that is designed and built to perfection , such as a chair by Brian Boggs , it is a thoroughly humbling experience. Like I should just [...]

Learn the Skills to be Safe

We’ve all heard the joke about the woodworker in a bar who holds up two fingers to order four beers. Or the one about “What does a woodworker do with the third hole on a bowling ball?”

Questions on Glue, Nails and Drawbores

Adrian Mariano writes: I just watched your DVD (“Forgotten Hand Tools” from Lie-Nielsen Toolworks) in which you advocate the use of nails and drawbores to overcome the flaws in the [...]

Workbenches Book Review

Christopher Schwarz’s new book “Workbenches: from Design & Theory to Construction & Use” isn’t like other books on the subject. And that’s precisely the [...]

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