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Shop floor plans, furniture project plans, woodworking business plans and – most important during summer – vacation plans.

Woodworkers are planners. The craft relies on our uncanny ability to envision something that doesn’t exist yet, then bring it into existence by sticking with the scheme and seeing it through to completion. So I ask you, why don’t we bring that same level of prescience to the finishing process? Why do we so often neglect to plan our finishes?

Kevin Southwick wants to change that. Through years of work in restoring furniture, finishing wood and teaching woodworkers, Kevin has seen it all – good plans, bad plans and (most often) no plans. He has boiled all that experience down into 3 wood finishing case studies that he’ll deliver to our audience in a 1-hour, live web seminar on Wednesday, August 27th.

Join us for the presentation! Like all our Popular Woodworking University courses and webinars, the goal is to give you more than raw information. We want to cut through all the excess data and clutter (especially prevalent in the finishing world) and provide real knowledge that you can use for the rest of your woodworking life and career.

When you leave “Plan for a Great Finish,” you’ll be armed with the informational tools you need to execute terrific finishes – especially clear finishes – on a wide range of wood types and furniture projects. You’ll also receive Kevin’s email address to use for follow-up questions for up to 2 weeks after August 27th.

So, make a plan right now to attend the webinar!

Dan Farnbach

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