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Shop-built Disc Sander

 In December 2011 #194, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Keep your lathe from loafing between jobs with this easy-to-make, inexpensive disc sander.

By Ernie Conover
Pages: 44- 47

From the December 2011 issue #194
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Disc sanders are invaluable for anyone working with small parts, such as toymakers, instrument builders, model makers and turners doing segmented work. In fact, any shop will find the machine well worth having.
Your wood lathe provides an ideal platform for a shop-built disc sander that won’t cost you more than $50 and a few hours of shop time. Your lathe’s bed provides a rock-solid platform for the table, and the headstock and spindle powers the rotary action. An added benefit is variable speed, a feature that dedicated machines don’t offer. You can adapt the sander size and capacity to the swing of your lathe. Even a mini-lathe will allow a 10″-diameter sanding disc.

VIDEO: Watch Ernie as he works on the details of the disc sander.
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From the December 2011 issue #194
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