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Need help navigating the models? Watch our free SketchUp models video tutorial. In less than 20 minutes, you’ll understand how to make SketchUp models work for you. Our collection of models contains more than 200 free project plans in SketchUp format. You can browse the collection and download any of these models if you are a registered user of our site and if you have SketchUp installed on your computer. Click here to view our SketchUp Warehouse SketchUp software is free: click here to download.
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Surviving A Shop Move 101 – Camille Woodworking

Editor’s note: Bryant documented his move process on his Instagram account, of which I have been a follower for a long time. I asked him to write a blog post to share his thoughts in a longer format. Enjoy! – David Lyell You’ve been putting it off for months, you knew...

Stacking Tool Caddy – Adapt a Project to Make it Yours!

Once in a while I come across a Popular Woodworking inspired project on Reddit. It’s really interesting to see how people use the pages of our magazine to bring an idea to life. The user, bityard, came across Chad Stanton’s build article, Stacking Tool Caddy, from the December 2017 issue, while...