Mission Blanket Chest

Mission Blanket Chest If you love Mission-style furniture, here’s the perfect complement to your bedroom. By Tom Caspar Store blankets, bedding and memories inside this huge chest. Three [...]

Campaign Pulls from Londonderry Brasses

My credit card is groaning a bit thanks to all the hardware samples I’ve been ordering to find a selection of quality brasses for some Campaign-style pieces I’m building. Today I received a chest [...]

Tabletop stool part 2

Two days after I emailed out the drawings I called my client to decide on his favorite design. The one he liked best was the "Arts & Crafts" option. We decided on [...]

Wmsburg Conference Wrap up

My coverage of the conference was hampered by CW’s policy of photography for “Personal Use Only.” I understand why they are doing this. They don’t want the presenters, who [...]

Starting Block for the Router Table

Router bits that are guided by ball bearings make it possible to add a profile to a curved edge. If the entire piece is curved, it makes sense to do this shaping on the router table. The tricky [...]

Shop-made Leather Drawer Pulls

A couple months back I stumbled onto a bundle of harness leather scraps at a flea market and snapped it up. I was working on a new six-drawer sideboard and it gave me a chance to try out an idea [...]

The Case for Hidden Joinery

When I took my first woodworking class in 1993 I was gung-ho to learn two things: through-tenons and through-dovetails. At the time I was intoxicated by Arts & Crafts furniture and exposed [...]

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