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Coffee with the Brethren

 In August 2011 #191, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

Build a Shaker-inspired coffee table with through-drawers.

By Megan Fitzpatrick
Pages: 38-41

From the August 2011 issue #191
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Coffee tables didn’t exist as a furniture form until the 1920s  (when they were known as cocktail tables). So while there is no true Shaker coffee table, I needed a table to put in front of my couch that would work well with the other Shaker-influenced furniture in my living room. And to my mind, that’s one of the best things about being a woodworker – the ability to design and make exactly what you want. So that’s what I did.

ARTICLE: Read “Four Good Ways to Make Drawers.”
ARTICLE: The article for the bookcase that goes with this table is available on our web site, free.
BLOG: Read about making these drawers.
MODEL: Click here for the SketchUp model of the Shaker-inspired Coffee Table.
TO BUY: The article on the matching Shaker stepback can be downloaded from our store.
IN OUR STORE: If you like the Shaker style, get “Pleasant Hill Shaker Furniture.”

From the August 2011 issue #191
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