The Naked Apprentice

To understand, you must do. Working by hand is a viable way for hobbyists to create beautiful furniture, yet it is often seen as slow, odd and antiquated. I choose to work by hand because I enjoy [...]

Tips for Refinishing Furniture

Repair, strip and refinish to restore old pieces. Refinishing is a topic worthy of an entire book. In fact, restoring furniture includes all of woodworking and finishing because all skills may be [...]

Slide-out Tool Storage

I needed an easy-access storage unit that wouldn’t take up a lot of room but would hold a large number of tools. My solution was a wall-hung tool cabinet with slide-out vertical pegboard drawers. [...]

A Bright Idea

This project first appeared in the August 2011 issue. For me, one of the most perfect shapes ever designed is the general-purpose incandescent light bulb. While some people use the word [...]

Coffee with the Brethren

Coffee tables didn’t exist as a furniture form until the 1920s  (when they were known as cocktail tables). So while there is no true Shaker coffee table, I needed a table to put in front of my [...]

10 Shop Organization Tips

Close your eyes and picture it: your entire shop organized, a place for every tool, never struggling to find your cardscraper when you need it, and a stress-free day of woodworking. Sound like a [...]

End Grain: My Design, Dad’s Tools

A proper chest to store prized chisels. By Glen D. Huey Page: 64 The most prominent piece of furniture in my mom’s living room is a Queen Anne lowboy my dad built. As you can [...]

Shop-made Vortex Dust Collector Woks On

From the August 2011 issue #191 Buy this issue now In April 2011, I blogged about a new dust collector from JET (read it here). I also wrote about the new collector design in the August 2011 [...]

Glen Huey Spice Box SketchUp Model

This is a SketchUp model of a spice box, built by Glen Huey for the August 2011 issue. View the SketchUp Model. View all of the Woodworking SketchUp Models. Purchase the August 2011 issue of [...]

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