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 In April 2011 #189, Popular Woodworking Magazine Article Index

A recent innovation lets you bend wood without steam or adhesives.

by Christopher Schwarz
Pages: 36-37

From the April 2011 issue #189
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The package of wood looked everything like a mummy when it arrived in our shop. The wood was wrapped in clear plastic, bound by plastic straps and wrapped by more plastic and cardboard.

We peeled away each layer to reveal a stick of unassuming 8/4 ash that was about 6″ wide and 54″ long. Aside from the fact that the wood was cool to the touch, it looked like regular ash.

I took it to the jointer and planer and machined it flat. I ripped off a 1″-wide slice and machined that to 13⁄8″ thick, just like any other piece of wood.

Video: See Chris bend an arm bow around a form using Compwood.
Article: Read about the drying process and see our makeshift kiln.
Web site: Visit the Fluted Beams web site to order Compwood.
Web site: Read details of how Compwood is made at the factory.
In our store:Woodworker’s Guide to Bending Wood.
Blog: “Compwood Unleashed.”

From the April 2011 issue #189
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