Video: Sturdy Drawer Joint on a Table Saw

drawer joint

The dovetail is the drawer joint of choice in many a classic drawer, but for a more mechanized world, the drawer joint of choice is often the half-blind tongue-in-groove. Sturdy, interlocking, mechanical without the need of nails, and quickly made on a table saw this joint often appears in commercial cabinetry (in a good way). This drawer joint can be used for inset drawers (as shown in the video excerpt below from Alan Turner’s Craftsman’s Tool Chest), or overlay drawers, requiring only a few adjustments on the saw.

I’m not suggesting you give up dovetails, but the next time you’re faced with a bank of eight of more drawers you may find the half-blind tongue-in-groove a valuable time saver.

– David Thiel

2 thoughts on “Video: Sturdy Drawer Joint on a Table Saw

  1. talisman

    can you explain how the levered handle on the jig was created to hold the work piece into place?

    1. mmistretta

      The pivot point is most likely off-center, towards the bottom, causing an elliptical rotation rather than circular rotation.

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