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The Art of Making Dovetailed Drawers

Fine furniture calls for an elegant drawer. A master cabinetmaker shares his approach to design and fitting. by Mario Rodriguez pages 50-54 Issue #174 There are just a few things my partner at [...]

All Plywood Is Not The Same

I’ve had a bit of time in the shop this week, so I went back to work on the storage boxes that sit inside my yet-to-be-built workbench. I know. It’s been almost six months and [...]

Choose Dovetails, But Choose Wisely

I spend hours looking at photos of furniture. If I don’t have my nose buried in books, I gaze upon photos sent to me by other woodworkers. In a flickr set sent to me by Mark Firley (thanks, [...]

More on Workbench Drawers

As I read many of your comments and suggestions for my bench drawer storage, I also talked with executive editor Bob Lang. Bob suggested that I consider making my drawers depths in multiples of [...]

French Dovetails or Sliding Dovetails

Before I jump onto my soapbox to spout off, I’ll share a bit more about drawers for my upcoming workbench. I plan to have two stacks, each with five drawers. Sizes range from a small [...]

Installing a Drawer Stretcher

I’ve been working on a cherry and bird’s-eye maple entry table for the October 2012 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, and as I was installing the upper drawer stretcher I [...]

Take a Look at My Drawers

The drawers in the coffee table I built for the August issue (which starts mailing later this week to print and digital subscribers) are a just a bit different than my usual approach, as I had a [...]


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