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After watching Frank Klausz cut a set of dovetails in three minutes using a special bowsaw blade (see the video here in our video section), Rob Cosman decided to show that it can be done by cutting the tails first. (Frank cuts his pins first.)

For those who don’t know Cosman, he has produced a series of great videos on hand joinery and has a new companion book on dovetailing that we highly recommend. It’s spiral bound for the shop and is the best book I’ve ever read on cutting this traditional joint. You can read more about his videos, book and tools at

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • Ian Stewart

    I have just watched both Rob’s and Frank’s video clips. Rob wins hands down on this one!! There is little comparison because Frank appeared to do little set-out and as a result his were rough. The angle was too steep, too. It looked about 1:3 which gives short grain, likely to split. Likewise he needed more force to get the joint to close.

    I would be happy to make as good as Rob did in 1/2 hour!!!



  • Rick

    This is sick!!! Can’t wait to attend Rob’s dovetail class here in Atlanta in December. I’m hoping to leave that class cutting a 3hr 40min dovetail.

  • Charles

    Tim, was probably just a momentary youtube glitch. Video is currently being served by youtube and plays from what I can see.

    I have Rob’s dovetailing DVDs and they are a great resource. This video is just nuts. Rob needs to be checked for a manufacturer’s stamp somewhere on his person because I swear he’s a dovetailing machine in a flesh suit. Precision and speed like that are not humanly possible. Way to represent for tails first!

  • Tim Brown

    When trying to play this video, I receive the message that the video is no longer available. What happened?

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