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Meet Raney Nelson of DAED Toolworks

One of the best things about the Lie-Nielsen Hand Tool event we hold in our shop each year is getting to hang out with the toolmakers and demonstrators who come to town for the event.

One of the guys I got to spend some time with was Raney Nelson of DAED Toolworks. He’s been making infill handplanes for more than three years, but has only recently begun selling them under the name DAED Toolworks ( (I believe it is pronounced “dead.”)

I purchased a miter plane from Raney last year and have been breaking it in. I’ll be writing more about it in the coming weeks, but the bottom line is that his work is impressive. Both the detailing and performance of the plane are remarkable.

As we were setting up for the show on Friday morning, I took a few minutes talk to Raney as he was setting up for the show. Here’s an edited version:

— Christopher Schwarz

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8 thoughts on “Meet Raney Nelson of DAED Toolworks

  1. marmadoon

    I have a Delta benchtop drill press that Raney gave to me a few years ago. I am very happy to hear that he is doing well and getting recognized for it. He is a fine example of a man with a dream who goes and gets it rather than wait for someone to do it for him.

    1. esincox

      “sneck” is a notch on the back of the plane blade. Most common examples might be found on wooden plow planes, but in this case they’re talking about the large lip on the back of the infill miter plane blade.

  2. wklees

    That table in the video is rally interesting. Can more information about origin, form and function be given? Is the center-line feature a tool holding apparatus of a clamping mechanism?

  3. J. Pierce

    ” Here’s an edited version: ”

    I’m assuming there should be something after that, and from looking at the page source, I’m figuring it should be a video, but it’s not loading on either browser here. The address for the file on Blip in the pages HTML source also isn’t working, but I assume it’s this one:

    I’m getting an embed code from Blip of “gcozgrTCEwI” rather than the “gcozgrTCEwA” in the page source, if that helps.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick

      Sorry about that – we’ve got some kinks in the system we’re working through. It should be back momentarily.

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