Get a Deeper Discount on our Handplane DVD

Starting on Friday, we’re going to be sending out occasional special coupon codes for books, DVDs and CDs via Twitter, the micro-blogging service that all the kids are using (except, strangely, my kids).

So here’s a heads-up: If you start following us on Twitter before Friday, you’ll be certain to get the first discount code, which will be for an additional $3 off our new “Handplane Basics” DVD. So your final price will be $16.95 instead of the retail of $24.95.

And here’s a Twitter promise: You’ll never get a Tweet from us about what we had for lunch, what Glen is wearing (an orange sweatshirt, today) or any other banal personal grooming habits.

Instead, we use our Twitter feed judiciously. We send out Tweets when we’ve posted new (free) content on our blogs and our websites. That’s good, right? We also Tweet when something cool comes into the shop, such as a cool person (Jim Tolpin just ate a jelly doughnut) or a cool tool (can you say “Holtey?”).

And now we’ll also be using Twitter to send out coupon codes for our store that will apply to new products, such as this DVD, or to things we are closing out and have a limited supply of.

So follow us. Visit Twitter to set up a free account. And visit our Twitter page here.

– Christopher Schwarz

5 thoughts on “Get a Deeper Discount on our Handplane DVD

  1. Bikerdad

    Me no Twitter. Me Luddite. Me talk to people, not type at people.

    Seriously, I realize that y’all are exploring different marketing channels and such, but a lot of folks aren’t interested in "following" anybody.

  2. Dennis Heyza

    What he said…

    Satisfied subscriber but I’d rather forego discounts than accept the tracking of purchases, phone calls, spam, etc. from supermarkets, pharmacies, and, yes, magazines.

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