Egg on My Face

For the current issue of Popular Woodworking magazine, we tested
Lithium-ion, battery-operated drills. In the article, we write that the
Ryobi kit (P813) has only a single battery included, which we didn’t like.
In fact, the kit has two batteries. I had set the second battery aside to
make sure we had an unused battery when it came time for testing. And then I
forgot about it.
Several readers told us the kits do, in fact come with two batteries. Ryobi
confirmed it. And we apologize.

, Glen D. Huey

One thought on “Egg on My Face

  1. Mattias in Durham, NC

    DOH! I guess that’s the problem with print.

    Do you know if these work with Ryobi’s "old" 18V Ni-Cd tools? They are supposed to, but I don’t know for sure. Any side effects?

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