Of Interest to Arts & Crafts Fans

The other day I was e-mailing back and forth with a Japanese guitarist who was kind enough to share some of his arrangements with my son. He mentioned how interesting it was that the internet has [...]

AW Extra 4/26/12 – Circle Center

Circle Center By George Vondriska Quickly find and approximate the center of a narrow board by using your fingers like a marking gauge. Set a pencil in your fingers, allowing one finger to run [...]

Sharpen a Fore Plane

The fore plane is a traditional English tool used to get rough boards fairly flat so that you can then make them really flat with a jointer plane and ready to finish with a smoothing plane, [...]

Flush Trim Router Bits

Spread open the pages of most woodworking magazines, including Popular Woodworking, and you’ll find projects built using face frames. Woodworkers go about building face-frame projects in [...]

Tool Making

This weekend, I’m hosting a SAPFM get together. A few fellow period woodworkers are going to crowd into my tiny workshop and see how and why I make my own hand saws. Of all the really [...]

The Trouble With Nails

When you take a close look at old furniture you can’t help but notice , and wonder about , the nails that are beaten into the piece with either great care, wacky abandon or both. My [...]

Building a Better Chest

There is something deep inside our DNA that ties us to the chest as a form of furniture. First off, how many other kinds of furniture do we have that are named after critical parts of our own [...]

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