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Available Now: All the Issues from 2000 on CD

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The year 2000 was a turning point for Popular Woodworking magazine. In 1999 the new owners of our magazine gave us a green light to redesign the entire publication and start down the path we are on today.

That was when we started adding a significant number of stories about hand tools into our pages, blending them carefully with our power-tool coverage. We started adding top-shelf contributing writers, such as Nick Engler, Roy Underhill and Scott Phillips. And we brought on staff a new photographer and art director.

So if you like Popular Woodworking now but you didn’t subscribe in 2000, we think you’ll like this new CD. On it, we’ve put all eight issues we published in 2000 (that was when we published an annual Tool Buying Guide) in pdf format. All of the advertisements have been removed. It’s just 425 pages of pure woodworking content , and completely text-searchable , for $19.96.

As a bonus, we’ve included on the CD a complete index of all the stories in both a spreadsheet and word processing format. Plus, we’ve included a bonus issue on this CD, the September 1999 issue of Popular Woodworking , that’s the first issue that features our new design (and 66 more pages of content).

The 2000 issues feature a lot of great stories, here are just a few we think you’ll be interested in. Or you can download a complete list of stories here:

2000IndexbyCategory.doc (234 KB)

Restoring a Handplane
Flea markets are infested with dirt-cheap old handplanes. Rick Peters shows you how to
transform a $5 piece of junk into a workhorse for your woodshop.

Borrowing a Design
If you’ve ever sat at your kitchen table with a blank sheet of paper and an equally blank
mind, let Roger Holmes show you how some pros design original pieces of furniture.

Pennsylvania Stepback
This Colonial cupboard has it all: traditional joinery, proportions and the techniques to put your woodworking skills to the test.
By Glen Huey

Should You Buy Professional Tools?
What’s the difference between $50 router and a $150 router? We take you inside to show how the things you can’t see sometimes affect the price.
By Randy Caillier

Handmade Hardware
Step inside a darkened blacksmith’s shop, where custom cabinet hardware is made almost exactly as it was 200 years ago.

Traditional Secretary
Troy Sexton’s gorgeous dropfront secretary is the culmination of a lifetime of professional woodworking experience and a brief stroke of luck at an auction.

What You Must Know About Shelving
Building great bookcases requires more planning than real skill. Learn the essential rules to constructing shelving that is stout, attractive and adaptable.

The Way Wood Works
To properly design and build a project, you need to know wood’s strengths, weaknesses and how much it’s going to move. Nick Engler shows you how to avert disaster by following three simple rules.

Shop of the Crafters Morris Chair
Without a doubt the oversized seat, reclining back and wide arms will make this chair the
most comfortable place to relax in your home.

Compound Miters for Dummies
Cutting accurate miters and compound miters is one of the most vexing problems woodworkers face. Learn to set up your table saw to cut virtually any slope.
By Nick Engler

Lathe From a Loft
The always-inventive Roy Underhill stumbled onto some discarded timbers and got the bright idea to turn them into a foot-powered lathe and scrollsaw. You can, too.
By Roy Underhill

The CD is in stock now and ready for immediate shipping. The CD works with both PCs and Macintosh computers running Adobe Reader 6.0 or later (Reader is a free program). The price is $19.96 with free shipping in the United States.

Order the Popular Woodworking 2000 CD from our store now.

– Christopher Schwarz

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