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New Issue of Woodworking Magazine in Stock and Available

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Issue 8 of Woodworking Magazine (our sister publication) is now available in both digital and printed formats directly from us. We’ve shipped out the issues to our newsstand distributors  (see below to download a list of dealers that will sell it).

The staff is particularly proud of this issue. It’s our biggest issue ever and we think it breaks some new ground on some important topics: workbench design, constructing tool racks and choosing a flush-cutting saw.

You have several choices as to how you can purchase this issue. It’s not complicated, but it is new, and so here is a complete explanation.

1. Buy the printed edition:
You can order a printed copy of Issue 8 directly from us through our Internet store for $8 or by calling toll-free 800-258-0929 (ask for item #PW0907). You also will be able to purchase the issue from a select number of specialty stores, including all of the Lee Valley retail stores in Canada and woodworking stores in the United States. You can download a complete list of stores arranged by state to find a location near you. The issue should be available on newsstands in early August.

Download a list of Dealers: WM_Dealers.doc (83.5 KB)

2. Buy a digital download edition:  You can download Issue 8 from our Internet store right now for $6. The digital edition is a pdf file that has been enhanced with additional links and resources. We’ve added buttons in the issue that will call up additional related stories, video and slideshows on our web site. The pdf can be read by any computer with the free Acrobat Reader program from Adobe (most computers come loaded with this program already). Here’s how the digital download works. It’s quite easy. After you pay for the issue you will be sent an e-mail. Inside that e-mail is a link that you’ll click that will allow you to log in to our web site with a username and password. When you log in, you’ll be taken to a page that will let you download the file. It’s a large file (about 8mb), but if you have trouble downloading it, you can come back to that page as many times as you like if you encounter some sort of problem. Our connection is fast and stable, and we haven’t had anyone encounter any serious difficulty yet.

3. Buy both digital and printed editions:  You can order both the digital and printed editions of Issue 8 from our Internet store for $10. If you choose this option, you will be able to download the digital issue immediately, as described above. Plus you will be shipped the printed copy of the magazine from our warehouse in Wisconsin.

– Christopher Schwarz

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