About that Article on Shoe Polish…

Several readers have called us a bit confused about the coverline on the new December 2007 issue that proclaims: “Shoe Polish: The Secret to an 18th-Century Finish.”

They cannot find the article in the issue.

It’s there. The problem is that we were too clever (or obscure) for our own good. It happens sometimes in the magazine business, and we apologize for the confusion.

The coverline is about Adam Cherubini’s Arts & Mysteries column that appears on page 24 of the issue titled: “The Standing Desk, Finished.” In the article, Adam details how he finished his desk with paint, oil wax and shoe polish.

The shoe polished was used much like a glaze: Adam rubbed it on and then rubbed it off of the broad surfaces and left some polish behind to collect in the recesses of the mouldings and other details.

“This won’t fool anyone into thinking the desk is an antique,” Cherubini writes, “but it will remove the shocking newness of the piece.”

Sorry if we threw you for a loop.

— Christopher Schwarz

One thought on “About that Article on Shoe Polish…

  1. dave brown

    Hmmm . . . I guess the questions came from new readers? Being a long term subscriber, I guess any time an 18th century piece is mentioned, I assume it’s been penned by Adam. 😉


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