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More of that old pine

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I had some of that old floor board pine left over, plus some 2×6 stock from a beam.    Neighbor wanted a bench for his porch.   Hmm..    Happened to see an Old Norm Abram show about an English Garden Bench.    His was out of teak,  at wee bit pricey for me.    I had all that old pine, that had been in a one room school house.   Had?    School house was torn down a few years back.   I got some templates of that New Yankee bench, and started to make some sawdust.   See IF I came close..

neighbor was charging up a battery that day

Arm details.    Bench has been on this porch for about three years now.   Neighbor is about 6'4", by 275 pounds.  Not even a wiggle in this bench, yet.  One more:

Those seat boards used to be Tongue &Groove flooring,    I ripped the T&Gs off, I also kept a few off cuts.    The ripped off T&Gs made very good "dowels" to pin all the mortise and tenon joints.    When sanded smooth, they came out square.     A square peg in a round hole. 

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