About the Prices of Miter Boxes

Since Ron Herman’s excellent story on miter boxes appeared in the November 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine, the price of these tools has gone through the roof, according to some [...]

Bob's New (Old) Favorite Tools of 2010

My favorite tools for 2010 are a couple of vintage Stanley planes, a No. 5 and a No. 3. There isn’t anything special about either one, except for recent history. My son gave me the No. 5 for [...]

Glen's Favorite 2010 Tool

The choice I made for my favorite tool may surprise many readers. Yes, I am the power-tool guy at Popular Woodworking Magazine, but I’ve passed on all the corded tools. My favorite 2010 [...]

Elmer's New Wood Glue Max

A news release dated November 22, 2010 from Elmer’s reads, “Elmer’s Revamps Hardware Line and Introduces Carpenter’s Wood Glue Max and Glue-all Max.” According to [...]

2010 Top 10 Woodworking Books and DVDs

Top-10 lists don’t generally come out until the end of December, but we’re releasing this one a month early, so that you know what should go on your own holiday wish list (and to give you some [...]

That is Some Texas-sized Ebony

During the Woodworking in America conference, several readers brought along some boards of nasty wood for me to try to tame during my lecture on scraper planes. I was able to plane or scrape all [...]

Stanley No. 65: My Favorite Tool of 2010

I like chamfers as much as I like grits. And making stop-chamfers with a little lamb’s tongue detail at the end is like adding crispy pork belly and goat cheese to my grits. As a result of [...]

Cordless tapering jig?

When I need tapered legs for the tables I make, I don't set up the tablesaw.     All I have to do is mark the lay-out lines on the leg blank, clamp the blank in a vise, [...]

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