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Sawbench & Shop Stool

This simple afternoon project is perfect for handsawing, holding doors for planing, organizing tools and giving you a leg up. It will quickly become indispensable. My simple plywood two-step in [...]

Nibbling Rabbets

Using a tablesaw to cut rabbets on the end of a board is nothing new.  If you’ve only got a couple to make, it’s hardly worth the time it takes to install you dado set. So, using your [...]

Fine Tuning a Small Bandsaw, Part 2

In the first part of the story, I showcased my small bandsaw and discussed the basic procedure of aligning the blade over the tires and checking for drift during a rip cut. Now, in this segment, [...]

Cam-Style Bench Feet

A mobile workbench is handy in a small shop, until you want it to stand still! After outfitting my bench with casters, I found that their locks didn’t prevent the bench from wiggling. My [...]

Woodworking Magazine Index

Have you ever read a magazine article that piqued your interest and then a few years later you wanted to find it but didn’t know where to start looking amongst the issues in your library? Well [...]

Greene & Greene-inspired Storage Chest

Classic design elements combine to create a new design. Seven years ago I made my first piece of Greene & Greene-style furniture, a coffee table of my own design. It contained several [...]

Online Extras June 2024 #278

Here are the online extras for the June 2024 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine. Interested in having the magazine delivered directly to your mailbox (physical or email) six times a year? [...]

Dovetail Jig Support Fence

I love my dovetail jig except for one thing: If I forget to hold the router flat, it can tip backward off the front of the jig and ruin the job. To solve the problem, I made my own Lshaped …

Fine Tuning a Small Band Saw, Part 1

Ensuring your band saw’s blade runs square to the table and miter slot is crucial for accurate ripping and cross-cutting. A blade that cuts without any drift makes sawing along the grain, or [...]

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