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Router Bit Storage Case

Like all of our I Can Do That! projects, this router bit storage case is designed to be useful, easy to build and made from inexpensive materials.

A Bit of Art

The past few months have made me thankful for a lot of things. A partner who loves to cook and bake and keep me fed, even when I’m not always upholding my end of the bargain. A partner who knows [...]

Making Magic

Make no illusions that Lupe Nielsen’s creative passions are filled with magic and a little bit of sawdust. As a woodworker and professional magic prop maker from the magic capital of the world, [...]

Understanding Furniture Polishes

There are only four categories, so it’s easy. There are probably more myths surrounding furniture polishes than any other single aspect of wood finishing. What makes this topic confusing are the [...]

Woodworking in America: Aspen Golann

We’re interviewing makers from all 50 states. Today we’re featuring Aspen Golann, an artist and furniture maker from Massachusetts. How did you get started woodworking? Who were your mentors? I [...]

Card Scraper Organizer

A scraper’s edge is very delicate. I used to keep my card scrapers loose in a drawer, but to avoid nicking their edges, I decided to make a simple stand for them. I cut a few slots in a [...]

Self Portrait

Self Portrait Seeing that it was a very fine day, I began to carve a gnome. This little guy would be my masterpiece. Hours, then days passed as I worked on my gnome. From his ridiculously long [...]

Chainsaw Carving For Beginners

Chainsaw Carving is a unique art form that tends to fascinate viewers and carvers alike. People often ask, “How did you start chainsaw carving?” And I’m eager to share a bit of my carving [...]

End Grain: ‘Put Yer Ass Into It’

A boring task turns into a history lesson. This article originally appeared in the April 2010 issue of Popular Woodworking One day in Williamsburg, a message reached me at the carpenter’s yard [...]

Woodworking in America: Peter Griffin

We’re interviewing makers from all 50 states. Today we’re featuring Peter Griffin, a furniture maker from Ohio. How did you get started woodworking? Who were your mentors? Woodworking for me was [...]

Defining Finishing Terms

To master finishing, you need to understand the basic terminology. All technical fields have their own vocabulary. You’ll have difficulty mastering any technical field without understanding its [...]

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