Let’s Cut Some Wood!

There are lots of jokes about things you can just stare at for hours without really engaging your brain. Cat videos come to mind and dozens of television programs, but I’m talking about [...]

Improve Your CNC: Introducing Grids

https://youtu.be/evkW6Hqei-0 Video: How I use a grid system to make digital woodworking easier CNCs are wonderful machines. For woodworkers who want to combine traditional woodworking with [...]

An Economy Tri-bolt for Folding Stools

Three-legged folding stools need a “tri-bolt” to allow the legs to fold in and out. Years ago, Tandy Leather offered an inexpensive tri-bolt, but it has been absent from the company’s inventory [...]

Woodworking Outside the Shop

Finding a paying job as a woodworker is one of those tricky negotiations. Working in a woodworking business or owning your own business sound attractive, but we all know there are risks and [...]

A Visit to the Wharton Esherick House

This summer I spent a couple of weeks driving around the East Coast delivering furniture, giving talks related to English Arts & Crafts Furniture and Making Things Work, and photographing [...]

For Accurate Angles, Go to the Chalkboard

Laying out accurate angles on your work is critical. So it’s funny to me that we spend $100 on a Starrett square for 90°, then spend $1.59 on a plastic school protractor for every angle that [...]

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