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Woodworking Outside the Shop

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Finding a paying job as a woodworker is one of those tricky negotiations. Working in a woodworking business or owning your own business sound attractive, but we all know there are risks and it’s still work. Woodworking as a hobby makes things more friendly, but you still end up needing to pay the bills. How about thinking a couple of steps prior to woodworking? How about teaching f0restry at a university, working at (or running) a popular Christmas tree farm, or operating a sawmill and being there to determine what type of wood comes from the tree? Dan Cassens and Logan Wells are living those lives and seem pretty darn happy about it. We filmed a series of videos with them (airing free every Wednesday for seven weeks, starting September 19th) that discuss the whole milling process from how to cut, using the sawmill, how to dry and stack lumber and much more.

To get a sense of our two hosts, we sat down and talked with each of them about how they got involved in milling lumber and got to hear some of their thoughts on the business, salvaging logs that might otherwise go to rot and more. We hope you find them as interesting as we did and that you’ll join us for our series on Milling Your Own Lumber.

– David Thiel


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