Finish for the Inside of a Tool Chest

With the plans for the Dutch Tool Chest in the October 2013 issue of Popular Woodworking Magazine now out, several readers have been asking about how they should finish the inside surfaces of the [...]

Friday’s Tip for August 30th

Bench Helper I use this simple device when planing the edges of long boards. It's especially useful when the board is too springy to be clamped between a bench dog and a tail vise. I hold the [...]

Simple-to-build Shop Drawers

Because we have just about put to bed the current issue and due to the upcoming holiday weekend, I had a little free time to be out in the shop. Look out workbench, here I come – again. Today I [...]

Popular Woodworking Magazine 1995-2012

   Popular Woodworking Magazine 1995-2012 DVD has more than 8,500 pages, and includes a huge range of project plans in a variety of styles (bookcases, tables of all sizes, chests and many more!), [...]

Fitting Drawers One Piece at a Time

Nice fitting drawers are one of my favorite parts of making stuff out of wood. There is nothing like the appearance of even and minimal gaps and nothing like the feel of an easy sliding drawer [...]

Q & A: Silencing a Squeaky Tablesaw

Q & A: Silencing a Squeaky Tablesaw Q: My tablesaw screeches like nails on a chalkboard whenever I adjust the blade.WD-40 made the noise go away for a while, but now it’s back. What do [...]

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