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Pants on Fire

When Daylight Savings Time begins, I make it a point to change the batteries in the three smoke detectors in my workshop. It was that time again, so I bought new 9-volt batteries and got out the ladder. To keep both hands free, I stored the batteries in my back pockets, keeping the new ones in the right pocket and putting the old ones in the left pocket.

It always seems to take longer than it should to disconnect the old battery, remove it and install the new one. Did I mention that I don’t like looking up while standing on a ladder? Nevertheless, I successfully changed all three batteries. However, while reaching to close the lid on the last detector, my back left pocket suddenly felt really hot. I saw wisps of smoke about the same time I realized the battery terminals in that pocket had come in contact. By then, my pants were on fire. -Dawn Nelson

Size Matters

A customer wanted a new table to match an existing table—the same design, just 6″ wider, so I quickly measured and jotted down a few notes. When I delivered the new table, the customer loved it. But while testing it out, he suggested, “Maybe we should have made it more than 6″ wider.” When I studied the two tables, my heart sank—rather than a wider version, I’d built an exact duplicate of the existing table. I was so embarrassed!

Fortunately, my customer had a good sense of humor. I quickly built and delivered another “new” table that was the correct size. Now I have a very nice table to sit at in my shop during break time! –Jordan Simonton


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