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Backside Out

After dabbling with woodworking for a couple of years, I finally got up the courage to build some kitchen cabinets, starting with an 8′ long upper unit. I composed a detailed drawing, cut all the pieces, and glued the cabinet together. Everything went smoothly, and I was really enjoying myself.

Before stopping for the day, I cut the plywood back panel, glued it to the cabinet, and nailed it all around the perimeter and across the shelves. I left the shop feeling very proud of myself, and triumphantly invited my wife to go out to dinner.

Brimming with confidence, I returned to the shop the next morning, only to realize that I had attached the back panel to the front of the cabinet. I suspect I’ll be eating crow for a while.

Dean O. Travis

Time Trials

I built two Shaker-style wall clocks for a local dentist, to match the décor in her office. We agreed on white pine for the cases, with antique-style glass and authentic-style dials. Using quartz movements with long-drop pendulums—which I purchased online—was one concession to modernity she approved. I delivered the clocks on schedule, and just before leaving her office, I set the hands and tapped the pendulums, to start the movements.

The next morning, I received a call. “I really like the clocks,” the dentist said, “but there’s a problem.” I waited for news that I was sure would ruin my day. “The hands are all moving backwards.” I revisited the website, and discovered my mistake. The order number for the “backwards” movement was the same as the “regular” movement, except for one digit.

Dale Thompson

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