Use a 'Nail Board' to Speed Up the Panel-finishing Process

Use a ‘Nail Board’ to Speed Finishing Work

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nail board

Make a nail board approximately the size of your panel or cabinet door. Consider using drywall screws instead of nails.

Here’s a finishing trick you may not be familiar with. You can brush or spray both sides of flat panels and cabinet doors without having to wait for one side to dry by using a nail board – except I used drywall screws instead of nails. These screws have very tiny pointed tips that make virtually invisible pricks in the finish.

nail board

After brushing or spraying the backside, but not the edges, flip the panel or door and finish the more important side and edges.

Begin by brushing or spraying the backside or underside, and don’t finish the edges. With that side complete, turn the panel or cabinet door over and place it on the nails (screws) with the just-completed side facing down.

Then brush or spray the front or topside including the edges. Try to avoid drips or sags on the edges. But if some do form, brush them out to remove them. You could also wipe them off, but you may damage the finish on the bottom side.

— Bob Flexner

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  • trs

    I’ve been doing something very similar with surplus electronic board stand offs in small wood blocks arranged to fit the board for many years. They work great. Custom size boards might provide more stability.

  • prov163

    I keep a board in my shop on which I can arrange and nail in brads to whatever size I need to fit the project. It works great but I like the idea of drywall screws. I’ll try that on my next project. Thanks for the tip, Bob!

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