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Tricks of the Trade: Scraper Holder from Scraps

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Instead of storing your freshly sharpened scrapers loose in a drawer (or tight in a wallet), this easy-to-make storage unit, shared with me by my friend Bob Lee, holds them at the ready over the bench.

A thin piece of stock front and back captures a C-shaped piece with a wedge in its bottom arm. The wedge holds a dowel in place.

Slip the scraper in from the bottom to lift the dowel slightly, then pull the scraper down, and it will be wedged in place. To remove the scraper, lift slightly up and out.  PWM

Charles Mak,
Calgary, Alberta

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  • LAWalkowski

    Same concept used in X-Ray viewer in a doctors office. You can also use marbles.
    Make a long “clip” using marbles or ball bearings and you can use it for posting notes instead of cork board.

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