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Sure, you likely know by now that Woodworking in America 2011: The Ultimate Joinery Weekend is Sept. 30-Oct. 2 at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center. But finally, the document you’ve all been waiting for – what classes are happening when, and where. Well here it is, in a PDF document and in an Excel document (in case you want to enter your name in the sessions you plan to attend).

And a confession – I wasn’t clever enough to manipulate the cell sizes so they look the same – just know that each block is a half-hour time slot. So, for example, David Charlesworth is scheduled from 9 a.m.-11 a.m. Friday morning, even though three of his blocks are big, and the last is small (this will make sense when you see it – promise!). We’ve asked presenters to prepare a 45-minute to 1-hour-long presentation, which leaves approximately an hour afterward for you to ask questions, talk with other attendees, head off to another class or visit the Marketplace.

Please note that this year, we also have a handful of sessions actually in the Marketplace, basically to give the Marketplace folks a taste of what they’re missing. Plus, Marketplace Exhibitors will be leading their own classes as well in the Marketplace classroom (we’ll let you know as soon as we have titles for these).

And again – we expect registration to open during the first week of June – so plan you trip, plan your schedule, and plan to register!

— Megan Fitzpatrick

WIA_2011_Schedule (PDF)

WIA-2011-Schedule.nickels (Excel)

(Thank you readers, who provided me with better-made versions of the Excel spreadsheet — including the posted one from Steve Nickles)

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  • dpittsford

    First, thanks to everyone at PW for putting this wonderful event together.. This is again another great opportunity to see and learn from the masters. Second:.. someone please* update or take down the Woodworking in America main site..*NOW* — its confusing, wrong, and out of date. ( parts of the content are 2010, parts are 2011 )
    While eager readers will jump to the link in the top nav and ” …sign up for the Woodworking in America newsletter (in the upper right corner at, under “stay connected).” Clicking GO enables the preferences update process of the web page and then takes you to /registration (go ahead, click the registration tab in the top nav ) Which will then tell you the conference is full and closed out. “… WOODWORKING IN AMERICA CLASSES ARE *SOLD OUT*, BUT YOU CAN STILL JOIN US AT WOODWORKING IN AMERICA’S EXHIBITORS’ MARKETPLACE – OUR BIGGEST (AND BEST) TOOL SHOW EVER!

    ….Which will lead non savvy users to believe, like last year that the early bird registration has sold out the event.. (before you’ve even gotten started ).

    Thanks for your attention.

  • LanceG

    Not to nit-pick (much), but color coding usually implies a color key!!

    Oh, and Megan, I would have thought the new guy (Ajax) would have gotten the rose-petal pink color, not Chris? I guess that’s his reward for leaving his Eccentric saws on the bench!

    Looks like another great show. And I’m really excited about Shannon’s involvement. I think he will add a lot for the non-attending community. Kudos to PW for that addition!

    ex-armchair woodworker


  • Andrew Yang

    Looking at last year’s schedule it was pretty easy for me to pick and choose sessions I’d be interested in. This year, my head kinda wants to explode. I’m not sure whether to attribute that to the overwhelming quality of sessions or the colour scheme.

  • Graham Hughes

    grumble grumble scheduling Peter Follansbee and Adam Cherubini always at the same time grumble grumble 🙂

  • J. Pierce

    Any rough idea on cost of registration? I’m not looking for a binding number, but just a ballpark . . . if I can afford it (on top of the airfare and hotel) I need to start scheduling vacation days at work now . . .


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