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The I Can Do That Workbench – Part 1

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We’ve made it three seasons without building a workbench for I Can Do That. It’s been requested and we’ve wanted to make one for a while but we just hadn’t gotten to it. But now it’s here. It features torsion boxes, unique joinery and home center materials – a perfect recipe for someone who wants to grow in their skillset. In this build, took full advantage of the table saw that we added this season, using it for long rabbets and dados that make this bench sturdy.

The joinery in the base is simple. Hardwood dowels give the lag screws a bit of cross grain material to bite into. We used 3/4″ oak dowel for our build and it worked great. The trick is finding the perfect sized pilot hole so that you don’t crack the dowel with your screw.

The beam that connects the legs is a torsion box. It’s made from 2×6 and 3/4″ plywood to give it some heft and strength. The dados were made on the table saw with a dado stack.

– David Lyell

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  • smacconnell

    Is there a newsletter for ICDT?

  • ScottScherer

    Just read your article about the shaker inspired settee. What I really liked is seeing you turning on an old Craftsman lathe that looked to be from the early 1940’s. My entire shop has Delta Homecraft from 1950 and I love seeing the old iron being put to good use.
    Scott Scherer

    • David Lyell
      David Lyell

      Thanks! My father in law found that lathe on craigslist restored and ready to go. It performed perfectly!

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