PopWood Playback #14

I pulled together five videos this week that I think you’re going to love. We kick it off with Third Coast Craftsman and his copper and barn wood sign. It looks incredible and I think you’ll appreciate the design as well. Next is Shawn Stone’s platform bed, it’s a straightforward design that is approachable by anyone. Handtool Rescue shares about their 200,000 subscriber milestone and an upcoming wrench sale. Wranglerstar is a huge channel that documents the homestead life. In this video, he is preparing to build a bridge from a single log. Finally, we have Paul Jenkins, the WoodKnight. He builds a gorgeous slab, resin-filled table. Great Work!

– David Lyell 

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David Lyell

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David is the senior editor of Popular Woodworking. He hosts PopWood Playback and I Can Do That! on YouTube and contributes to the print magazine and blog regularly. All of his furniture projects are built to withstand the destructive capabilities of two very young children at home.

One thought on “PopWood Playback #14

  1. Cdstaley

    Nice job, really cool idea with copper. If you ever had to do it again i would seek out someone with a cnc machine, or a water jet cutter.
    Clifford D. Staley

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