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Marking Gauges are Functional History

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marking gaugesMany a woodworker first encountered a marking gauge in dad or grandpa’s toolbox. We picked it up, played with it, moved the head a bit, thought it was cool – and then put it back. It’s an old tool that nobody uses anymore, right? Very wrong. While there have certainly been upgrades to the venerable design, marking gauges continue to fill a useful and current need for woodworking, and not just hand tool woodworking. Laying out dovetails, marking mortises, rabbets and much more. These tools continue to be a valuable addition to any tool cabinet. What do you need in a gauge? Should you just buy a new one? How about all those gauges you see at the flea markets, are they worth a look? Ron Herman to the rescue! Ron collects and works with traditional hand tools on a daily basis and has encyclopedic knowledge on topics most of us are only familiar with. In the video below Ron takes you through the bits and parts of marking gauges to give you the knowledge you’ll need to start shopping. Enjoy!

– David Thiel


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