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Fixing loose screws

With time, furniture joints (especially in chairs) tend to loosen up a bit. It’s part of working with a material that once was alive and continues to react with the environment. Wood shrinks and expands with humidity, and the same goes for the holes that have screws in them. So before you retire a favorite chair to the less-used area of your house, take a little time to tighten things up and see if you can’t give that piece of furniture a new life.

In the video “10 Essential Furniture Repairs”, Joshua Klein shows how to do valuable repair techniques to keep your furniture in an attractive and functional state. Joshua offers a couple of ways to fix screw holes that have loosened up. The repairs aren’t complicated and if it’s a piece of furniture that was made by someone else, it’s an interesting opportunity to look into the mind of the craftsman who built it.

Plus the next time someone says, “hey, you’re a woodworker – fix this chair?” You can send them this video link.

– David Thiel

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