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For those of you who live in holes (which may be a fair percentage of all 5 of my readers), I thought I’d mention that the guys in the Hay shop in Colonial Williamsburg have started a blog. If the inaugural entries are any indication of what is to come we are in for a treat. So far, Bill and Ed have written entires suggesting that we may get to hear from different cabinetmakers. I’ve already posted a comment, arrogantly suggesting future topics.

These guys are neat. They are thoughtful and skilled and generally terrific. I think a blog is a great idea. Leave an encouraging comment. Believe it or not, I think they sometimes feel marginalized. I think they are a fantastic inspiration.


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  • Adam Cherubini

    Dear Reader #905,

    I appreciate the encouragement. I’m still writing. Just not quite as often. And since the magazine biz is way ahead of wherever we are, my articles are pushed out. You’ll see more from me in the future and I may return to writing more consistently this Summer or Fall. I’ve learned some interesting things I’m looking forward to telling you about.


  • Adam Cherubini


    I agree. There’s nothing like seeing those guys work. I spent several years making things in hand tool isolation before I was able to travel to Wmsburg. It was amazing experience, just seeing them planing a board. Guys if you are reading, the simple things you do and don’t really think about- supporting a board on a Nicholson bench, sawing a piece of wood, are incredibly valuable to the community.


  • Roderick Drumgoole

    Hey There,

    You do have more than five readers! We may not always comment, but we certainly are sitting at the edge of our seats (keyboards) anxiously awaiting your next post so that we may learn more. Speaking of learning, although I have enjoyed the more recent PW A&M columns, I am eagerly anticipating when you will write again; you and your writing style was the primary reason why I subscribed to PW (I have also told this to the folks at PW). So rest assured (and never stop this blog), there are many, many who are reading and learning from you.

    Reader #905


  • JorgeG

    Thanks for the notice, seems like a nice blog. Hopefully they will do videos as well. Being in Mexico I rarely get so see experts at work.

    BTW, there are at least 6 of us who read you, even if you think my side rabbet planes are useless.. :-))

  • Bill Pavlak

    Hey Adam,
    Thanks for this post…and as to your number of readers, I think there are more than 5 and they must get out of their holes every now and then because we’ve talked to a lot of them in the Hay shop, which oddly enough is essentially in a hole topographically speaking…maybe that’s why woodworkers feel so comforatable in there.

  • Zach Dillinger

    Well, I guess I’m reader 2 of 5. Love the Arts and Mysteries blog. Just added the Hay blog to my Google homepage. Because of the first Hay Shop post, I’m seriously thinking about adding a facade to my Roubo that will make it act more like a Nicholson, wide front stretcher with holdfast holes and a Williamsburg-style face vise. Saves the trouble of building a whole new bench.

  • Mark Hudon

    Woah there are 5 of us, who are the other 4?
    and I did know about the Hay shop blog : )


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