Woodworking in America 2013, October 18-20

Woodworking in America 2013 will be Oct. 18-20 in Greater Cincinnati (the conference proper will be at the Northern Kentucky Convention Center).

With only one conference this year, we’ll be able to gather under one roof as many as possible woodworkers, woodworking teachers, and top-notch toolmakers, so that you get an unparalleled weekend of woodworking fun, learning and excellence. And, we decided to once again hold the conference in our own backyard quite simply because we can do a better job of it close to home.

That truly is all we know for now. Next week, we’re meeting to finalize our dream list of instructors and classes – as soon as we’ve anything nailed down, I’ll let you know.

For now, we simply wanted to let you know as early in advance as possible, so that you can fit Woodworking in America 2013 into your plans.

— Megan Fitzpatrick

p.s. Now available: “The Woodwright’s Shop” Season Nine 2-DVD set from perennial conference favorite Roy Underhill.

23 thoughts on “Woodworking in America 2013, October 18-20

  1. dczward

    Awesome! I’m definitely going, and its not a bad drive from Chicago. This will be my first one, too. Last year I just couldn’t swing it, but this year it is locked in. Thanks for the early announcement of the dates.

  2. Kevin

    Other names to consider for the event are Norm Abrams and Ron Herman, Brian Boggs, Don Williams, Peter Fallansbee and David Charlesworth. Is there any possibility the organizers could put a list of names together with a brief bio and area of expertise, then have subscribers and former attendees vote on the names.

    I have been to a couple of WIA Conference and I really enjoyed the first conference in Berea, I found the hands on sessions were worth more than the lectures, is there any chance the next WIA will return to this format or include some hands on sessions again. Thanks

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      Kevin, Thanks for your input. We do send out a survey to attendees after each conference to gather feedback on the speakers they’ve just seen, as well as space to make suggestions for additional speakers, and we pay close attention to those. While it’s too late this year to pull together a similar form for magazine subscribers who were unable to attend the previous conference, perhaps we can do that for next year. (We need to book folks ASAP – I know 2013 calendars are already filling up fast!).

      Concerning a hands-on session or two, we are again trying to develop a plan to make that work logistically in a way that allows a large number of people to participate – not promising we can pull it off, but I can promise we’re trying.

  3. Fred West

    Megan, I do not know if I am happier for the return to Kentucky or the return of just one show. Either way,from my standpoint this is wonderful. Thank you very much. Fred

  4. rgdeen

    As someone who lives 5 miles from the Pasadena convention center I have to say: major bummer!! Oh well. Maybe next year.

  5. gumpbelly


    Just a thought, but seems a lot of attendee`s are also past attendee`s. I didn`t go last year because those who returned to Cinci didn`t make me want to spend the $$$. Anyhow to the point, is it possible for anyone who wants, to send their list of names of possible presenters to Pop WW, to be dropped into a computer. Those with the most requests should be contacted first. Of course it`s possible not all them can make it, but of those who can, I believe you will then get better response from people, and that is all that matters, right?

    I think trying to always come up with new names, also makes for some thinner pickings. People are going to this thing to see the greats, not the maybe could be`s. My $0.02

      1. gumpbelly

        My list is pretty much a repitition. Underhill, and Klausz, of course are classics. Beyond that Marks, Adams, Bender, Weber, Huey, Herman, and I would like to see Michael Fortune again. Jim Blauvelt, and Wilbur Pan for Eastern tools. I would love to see Bob Lang, but I am not a Ketchup user, wish he would do A&C presentation instead. Peter Follansbee, and Adam to round out the show.

        Tell me where to send my check..

        1. gumpbelly

          Ohhhh, another thought, is it possible to get Deneb to make the scene? Or does LN have an exclusive on him?

          1. gumpbelly

            I should put a finer point on that last bit, Deneb talking woodworking, not LN…..

            Ok I`m done 🙂

  6. jeffreyi

    Glad I was able to go to Pasadena this year, the Gamble House in particular was unforgettable. But it’s probably just as “cost effective” to travel to Cincinnati as it was to drive to So. California.

  7. EricT

    I stand with those who are happy to hear the conference will be returning to Cincy!

    It’s not a short trip for me, but it’s nice to return to the same area. Knowing the hotels, the best spots to grab a bite to eat, and the layout of WIA all contribute to making the experience top-notch.

    Many thanks to those who put so much effort into the event.

  8. tombuhl

    I’ll be there. While nice to have outreach to the west coast folks, I’d rather have a longer flight and one universal gathering. Appreciate the benefit to you and also the show quality to have it in PW’s neighborhood. Looking forward to it.

  9. naterajj

    Dang, no WIA West? that’s a bit of a bummer. Maybe it’s time I make it to your neck of the woods.

    1. Megan FitzpatrickMegan Fitzpatrick Post author

      I’m afraid not – but I do hope you can join us in Cincy – I promise it will be a lot of fun (and educational, of course).

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