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Any news on the “premium” Stanley Chisels you reported on in 2008?

I use a pair of Everlasts everyday on site and in the shop that were handed down from my uncle. There are were four in the set but he managed to break two of the blades. Well, he was a fine mason but a bit of a liability with his kit.

The remaining 2″ and 5/8″ are bullet proof but the current through-tang versions I have do not quite feel right.

Everlasts are rare as hens teeth in the U.K. and the models I use seem to be rare in the United States as well.

So the next best thing looks to be the new version you talked of, although the wooden scales look like they may be the weak point.

– Elliot Atkinson


Stanley put that design on hold and is now starting from scratch – that’s what they told me a couple months ago. I haven’t heard anything since.

Everlasts are fairly easy to come by here if you ask around.

Have you talked to Patrick Leach at Supertool.com? He always seems to have some.

Also, Walt Quadrato at BrassCityRecords.com sells them frequently.

They are good. I’ve got a few myself.

– Christopher Schwarz

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  • joel

    While I don’t know if this is connected Stanley UK bought the automated chisel grinding line from Footprint – now that footprint is out of the chisel business. THis is the same robot line that Footprint bought from Marples/Record when they moved production to China. As it happens it’s cheaper to make chisels on that line than it is in China.

    Is Stanley going to use the new chisel machines to make chisel in England? are they moving the shebang to China? was it just a totally unconnected purchase?? I have no idea.

  • Tim

    So I wasn’t the only one wondering what happened with the release of these chisel’s, I called Stanley last week to inquire but received less info than here so thanks for the post.

  • Luke Spencer

    These Stanley chisels look great!…I am guessing they just didn’t have the market to sell such a product. I think when home building builds back up all the tools like this will pop up out of nowhere. Do you know what kind of steel these were originally made in?

    Luke Spencer
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