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Philadelphia Furniture Workshop Jan 30-31

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Alan Turner and Mario Rodriguez are hosting an open house January 30-31 at Alan’s shop in Philadelphia. See Alan’s site for details.

I’ll be there with Christopher Storb on Saturday only.   Chris is featured in PW #174 carving a Philadelphia style Ball and Claw foot.  He’s planning an ambitious demo schedule including gouge sharpening, ball and claw carving, and low relief work.  If you have any interest in period carving OR THINK YOU MIGHT SOMEDAY, don’t miss this opportunity.  Did I mention it was free? 

I’m not kidding when I say I think this is worth travelling to see.  And the planets have aligned for this event in ways I’ve never seen before.  Let’s face it, woodworking events bore spouses to the point of transforming them into children, suddenly so tired they can no longer stand without assistance.  “No really honey” (I say, dragging my wife) “there are some really interesting chisels just around that corner booth filled with gleaming bronze planes” “I promise this won’t take long” “What? Free demos?” “just 10 more minutes”.

So here’s the deal:  Come to Philly and spend the weekend.  Philly’s got some of the best restaurants in the country and some really great dives (and they are all within walking distance of each other).  Frustrated that the taverns in Williamsburg were closed during the woodworking conference?  You can walk down an 18th century street and sample 18th c fare served by folks in funny clothes in Philadelphia’s City Tavern.  This is also the weekend the Philly Car Show opens at the Convention Center.  Tell yourself the crowds are part of the fun and you’ll enjoy yourself more.  You won’t actually be buying that Lamborghini Murcielago anyway.  Who cares if you don’t get to sit in it? This is a great place to see new models and young models side by side.  

If you come to Alan’s on Saturday, you can do the Car Show on Sunday.  If it’s too crowded, pop over to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.  It’s admission free on Sunday’s (that’s 2 free worldclass events).  Check out the Chippendale furniture, then cross the street (be careful) and check out the new Perelman Gallery (also free).  Perelman has a few good exhibits; African American quilts,  Japanese haute couture clothing and some dead guy’s paintings (probably never heard of him, just a no-name. I think it was…Henri Matisse?- okay he’s one of my favorite impressionists!)

With all the money you are saving at these free events, take your honey to the Rittenhouse (especially if she agrees to the car show.) A weekend at the Rittenhouse is still going to be cheaper than a carving class with Philadelphia Museum of Art Conservator Christopher Storb.


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  • Shannon


    I was there and saw your demos. Got some great time with Christopher Storb too. I did a podcast on it on my site and included some front footage of your demonstration too. Thanks for the effort you put into the event. Check it out here if you like:

  • Jeff

    Adam, How about some picture-laden reports on these announced gatherings?

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