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Hamler Scraper Inserts: The Last Batch for a While

If you have been putting off buying an insert from toolmaker Paul Hamler that converts a bench plane to a scraper plane, you might want to start checking your couch cushions for change.

Hamler reports that he has 40 of the inserts remaining that convert a Bailey-style plane to a scraper plane, and one insert that converts a Bed Rock plane to a scraper plane. Once these are gone, it’s going to be about a year before he makes any more. That’s because right now, he’s building miniature Kentucky long rifles.

I quite like my Hamler scraper insert and have it attached to my Stanley No. 6. You can read a review of the insert here in this earlier blog entry.

The inserts are $150 plus $10 postage. You can contact Hamler at

– Christopher Schwarz

3 thoughts on “Hamler Scraper Inserts: The Last Batch for a While

  1. Jonas Jensen

    I really like the looks of it.
    I have a Stanley 12 3/4, and I honestly think that it is too short, I tend to make it dig in when I pass the end of a board. This one looks like it could do the trick. But I couldn’t justify buying one with the small amount of scraping I am doing.
    cool idea though.

  2. MikeH

    Oops, please scratch that last comment.

    Just saw the link to the 2007 earlier blog entry. The question has been answered more than adequately.

  3. MikeH

    Perhaps my curiosity derives from ignorance…….

    What advantage might a scraper insert confer that can’t be gotten from a dedicated Veritas scraper plane at a similar cost, or one by TL-N for a couple of dozen dollars more?

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