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Bottoms, Skirts and Pizza You Cannot See

At some point during a woodworking class, students, teachers and bystanders become a sort of ersatz family. It is not by design. It is despite my best efforts.

Today at The Woodwright’s School, students dressed the shells of their tool chests and added the tongue-and-groove bottom boards (yay for cut nails).

After that brief nailing, it was back to dovetailing as we launched into cutting, truing and dovetailing the skirts for these tool chests.

Usually on Wednesday night, we work late into the evening and get pizza after everyone has glued up their carcases. This class was way past that point on Wednesday afternoon. So one of the students (thanks Ingrid) brought in eight growlers of local beer, including a sweet potato beer, and we brought in pizza from the joint up the street.

Then we did a lot of things that Roy Underhill videotaped but I could never show. Ever.

— Christopher Schwarz

8 thoughts on “Bottoms, Skirts and Pizza You Cannot See

  1. Joe Cunningham

    Anyone else notice the ‘suggested’ videos after this one aired? Some bubble-gum pop song, ATC – All Around the World.

    It just goes around the base, la la la la la la
    The dovetailed skirt, la la la la la la

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