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Anarchist’s 2017 Gift Guide, Day 10: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

If were being honest, woodworking would be a lot more difficult in the winter months without O’Keeffe’s Working Hands. I have a container of this at my workbench and by my computer. It is the only thing that keeps my fingers moving smoothly over my tools and the keyboard.

I know there are a lot of other hand-care products out there. I’ve tried many of them. But I keep coming back to O’Keeffe’s for several reasons.

  • The smell. There isn’t any that I can detect. I dislike smelling like a daisy or a Fancy Lad.
  • The texture. It is decidedly non-greasy. I rub it on my hands, and I can immediately go to work without getting greasy fingerprints all over my tools or the wood.
  • It works. It really, really works. Within about 10 seconds, my hands go from a dry and stiff mess to normal and ready to work.
  • The container. It’s not some weird pump bottle that squirts cream all over the place like mayonnaise at a Belgian McDonald’s. The container slips in your shop apron pocket. Bonus: When you travel with it, the container won’t explode, dousing your clothing with greasy white cream.
  • It’s cheap. It’s about $7 for a supply that will last at least four winters.

You get the idea. Get some. Put it in your stocking. Then put it on your hands every night at bedtime.

— Christopher Schwarz

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6 thoughts on “Anarchist’s 2017 Gift Guide, Day 10: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands

  1. wolffullmoon

    I certainly agree with all the comments. It is so far the most effective hand creme I have used. If you will note, the spelling of O’Keeffees is unusual. You might want to avoid spell check with proper names.

  2. earthartinc

    Have used this for years and it can smooth a rough stone. I like the tube better and at your local Walgreens!

  3. dawatson833

    I use this stuff and it does its job well. The non-greasy aspect is what I like best.
    Learned something else today. Didn’t realize that mayo is an issue in Belgium.

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