VIDEO – The Wood Whisperer – Varnish on a Butcher Block

End-grain butcher blocks are a great project for woodworkers. They’re a great way to test our milling skills and they make great gifts. But when it comes to finishing these cutting boards the traditional mineral oil and wax routine can be time-consuming, tedious and messy. In this video our resident Wood Whisperer, Marc Spagnuolo, shows how a few coats of thinned varnish can provide a quick low-maintenance finishing solution that is still food-safe.

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Marc Spagnuolo

About Marc Spagnuolo

Marc Spagnuolo is a woodworker, podcaster, video producer and host of the popular website, through which he provides technique instruction, project builds, tool reviews and more. He also co-hosts a weekly radio-style podcast called Wood Talk, available at He has contributed articles and video content to Popular Woodworking Magazine,, Wood magazine and Woodcraft magazine.