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spoon carving

Contrary to what some people who know me might think, I do use silverware on a regular basis. But I’d be lying if I said I spend any time thinking about my silverware. Spoons for example. I have a lot of spoons in my kitchen. Serving spoons (wood, metal and plastic), eating and soup spoons. The variety in that last sentence should give you a hint that there are differences that change their function. But it wasn’t until I spent some time with Jarrod Stone-Dahl watching him carve traditional wooden spoons that I gained an appreciation on what those differences might be.

For example, how deep should the bowl of a spoon be? It turns out that spoons can be remarkably shallow and still function very well. The trick becomes taking that knowledge and relaying it to your eyes and hands as you carve away at a piece of wood to achieve a successful spoon shape! Jarrod is a great teacher, carefully describing the different carving holds to safely use your body’s energy to maximum success, while delicately bringing a spoon to a comfortable and ergonomic finish. And speaking of finish, he’s also got some cool techniques for dressing up your carved spoon!

To share some of Jarrod’s wisdom and start on your own path to spoon carving, watch this preview and check out his new DVD, The Art of Spoon Carving…

— David Thiel

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