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Tool Test – Dado Wiz

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From August 2006 Popular Woodworking

Dado Wiz Zeros in on Perfect Fit for Dados or Grooves

Our staff has an ongoing discussion about  the best way to make dados. Whether using a dado stack or router, the trick is getting the dado or groove the proper thickness to match the material. I prefer using a router; that’s why I was pleased to learn about the
The Dado Wiz (the black plate shown at right) locks to most clamps and guides ( 5/8″ thickness maximum). Temporary pins are put in place on the Wiz and a sample piece is used to adjust the guide to perfectly fit the shelf or divider material.

The included brass template guide and your 1/4″, 3/8″ or 1/2″ router bit is then used to make two passes (one up, one back) to make a perfectly sized groove or dado with a single setup. The Dado Wiz slides on your guide during the cut, controlling the position of the bit.
The Dado Wiz efficiently answers a need when routing dados. It does come at a price that’s a little steep, but if you prefer routed dados, this jig belongs in your shop.

– David Thiel

More information on the Dado Wiz from Woodline

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