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Tool Test – Veritas Bevel Setter

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From August 2006 Popular Woodworking

At first blush I looked at this tool and said, “Twenty-five bucks for this?” Then I took a closer look and realized how many things it will do. I now believe it’s $25 well spent. Actually it’s only $24.50, but let’s not quibble. To understand this tool, think of the bevel setter as more of a Swiss Army Knife for angles. You can set a sliding bevel accurately to 1/2Ã?° anywhere between 0Ã?° and 60Ã?°. Or you can use your sliding T-bevel to gauge an angle and then use the setter to find out what that angle truly is.

Flip the sturdy 3″ x 7″ stainless steel blade over and you’ve got setups for seven of the most common dovetail angles, as well as settings for 12 polygon miter angles. And just for good measure, they’ve added a scale on each long edge marked in inches (by 1/16″) and millimeters respectively.

The indicator marks on the bevel setter are etched and the finish is excellent. The machined aluminum fence moves smoothly and locks effortlessly with a knurled brass knob. Non-mar pads on the back of the fence keep the blade looking nice. 
The folks at Lee Valley/Veritas continue to stretch their imaginations and offer tools that a woodworker will not only want to own, but will use constantly. The bevel setter is another in that line of tools.

– David Thiel

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