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Tool Test – 4" Digital Fractional Calipers

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From November 2006 Popular Woodworking

A Small Digital Fractional-readout Caliper , Finally!

Accurately measuring (both wood and machinery) in the shop is important for every woodworker, and most woodworkers have cursed their caliper on more than one occasion when they have to translate the decimal reading  to inches.

In the Popular Woodworking shop we’ve come to a consensus that the perfect caliper is a 4″-long digital caliper that will measure in fractions (to 1?64″). We’re happy to announce that the perfect tool is now available for the first time, at an affordable price. The Craftsman Gallery is now offering either a 4″ or 6″ digital caliper for $38. The caliper can be switched to read in millimeters or inches, in either decimals or fractions (with accuracy to 1?64″).

We’re particularly pleased that the calipers are well-manufactured and easy to use. The 6″ version is great for your bench, while the 4″ model is the perfect size for dropping in your shop apron or work belt.  

– David Thiel

More information on calipers from Craftsman Gallery 

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